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When I first started couponing I had no idea what tools I would need to help me get organized. You don’t have to feel lost because I have put together this page to help you find all the products you need.

  1. First you will need a binder. I recommend a 3″ ring. They hold more coupons.
  2. Baseball card holders. To hold printable coupons.
  3. A paper cutter. So you can cut multiple sheets of coupons at a time.
  4. Filing box to organize your store booklets, P&G booklets…….
  5. Cheap plastic storage box to put your Coupon Inserts from the Sunday paper in.
  6. Lable Maker. I like to print out my tabs for my organizer. It looks so much neater than writing it in.
  7. Printer paper to print lots of coupons. Nothing fancy. Multipurpose will do.
  8. Printer. To print lots of coupons. I recommend a laser jet printer with a toner ink cartridge. The ink will last for a year. Saves you a lot of money on ink.(Check out my printer advice below)
  9. Three hole punch. So you can add pages or whole coupon inserts to your binder.
  10. And last of all you will need a small calculator, a small pair of scissors and a pen for your shopping trips. I put together a few items below to get you going. Good luck and happy couponing.

Watch my videos on How to make a coupon organizer and Organizing Your Coupons


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Brother HL-2270DW Compact Laser Printer with Wireless Networking and Duplex

Screen Shot 09-06-14 at 12.59 PM

What Printer Should You Buy?

Couponing requires you to print a lot of coupons on a daily basis. Since saving money is a couponers goal you want to make sure your not breaking the budget by buying ink on a daily basis. I recommend a Laserjet printer with a toner ink cartridge. If you have one of the All-in-One printers with the little square cartridge you will find yourself spending $12-$30 a week. A toner ink cartridge holds enough ink for a year of printing coupons and let me tell you, I print a lot of coupons. You can find online office supply stores that allow you to use a savings code on top of a sale for maximum savings. I pay anywhere from $20.00-$30.00 a year on ink. Still confused? Watch my video on Printers and Coupon (Day 20). Below is a great deal I found on a printer and it comes with an ink cartridge that’s half full. That’s six months or more of printing coupons.

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