Help stop your pet’s hair from ending up everywhere with the Spetacular Cat Flexible Slicker Brush. It is designed to serve a dual purpose when it comes to grooming your furry friend. The soft rubber side provides a soothing and gentle brushing experience, while the metal slicker side removes loose hair from their coat. It keeps your pet’s fur looking healthy and clean while preventing it from ending up on the floors and furniture. This cat massage brush provides an enjoyable grooming experience for both you and your four-legged family member. Only$5.97, regularly priced $7.12 + Free Store Pickup right HERE ← at Walmart.

Spetacular Cat Flexible Slicker Massage Brush:

  • Dual purpose
  • Soft rubber side provides a soothing and gentle grooming experience
  • Slicker cat brush’s metal side is used to remove loose hair

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