Experience the advantage of Frost King All-Purpose Clear Plastic House Wrap. This product is an exceptionally versatile addition to your home maintenance supplies. It’s an ideal way to make energy-saving insulation for windows, doors and porches. Covering small cracks and gaps can reduce airflow into and out of the home, eliminating drafts and leaving your interior cozier throughout the colder months. It’s a simple alternative to traditional windows and doors, and you can cut it to just the right size. Other applications of this material include protecting outdoor furniture and equipment, a table covering, a drop cloth for painting and much, much more. This package includes two rolls of Frost King house wrap for optimal convenience. Only $4.88, regularly  priced $7.92 + Free Store Pickup only at Walmart right HERE ← 

Frost King All-Purpose Clear Plastic House Wrap:

  • Save energy
  • Create storm windows and doors of any size
  • Protect against drips and spills when painting indoors and out
  • Cover and protect machinery, equipment, supplies, etc.
  • 2 rolls of clear plastic wrap
  • Dimensions: 10′ x 15′

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