Divided into sections for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students,Capoeira 100focuses completely on technique. Easy-to-follow instructions and color photographs guide the reader through all the most popular defensive movements, ground work, flying kicks, escapes,floreios,and acrobatics of capoeira, with pointers and hints on their application in the game. Sequences of drills, games, and conditioning exercises give readers the opportunity to practice capoeira workouts at least a hundred times without ever repeating the same routine twice. These exercises can all be performed alone, and many can be done with a partner to simulate the real conditions of the game. Rather than focusing on theory, all the information and instruction in this book is geared toward functional use, allowing students to train at their optimal pace. Specificity of movements and exercises are structured to help students achieve steady improvement of capoeira skills. Additionally, the author provides advice on etiquette and strategies of play based on his extensive experience with this challenging martial art. A glossary of 100 capoeira terms and a Q&A section of common questions complete this manual. Capoeira 100 is an illustrated guide to 100 essential techniques used in the art of capoeira. Each movement is accompanied by a series of color photographs that show how it is done, as well as helpful pointers and tips on how to apply the technique in the game of capoeira. A question-and-answer section at the end of the book addresses some of the most frequently asked enquiries about this fascinating sport.. It will be of interest as well to freestyle martial artists, dancers, actors, and others who increasingly look to capoeira for its inspiring and exciting techniques. Only $16.21, regularly priced $20.16 + Free Store Pickup right HERE ← on Walmart.com.

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