Magnum Ice Cream Rebate – $10 Off a Movie and Up to $25 Off Dinner


Check out this sweet rebate from Magnum where you can earn $10 off a movie and up to $25 off dinner when you enter 3 unique codes found on specially marked packages ( look for ones with peelie, like below, code is inside) of Magnum Ice Cream Multipacks by April 30th. All three codes must be entered at the same time. Go here for details.This offer is void in CA, CO, LA, NV & TN.


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4 thoughts on “Magnum Ice Cream Rebate – $10 Off a Movie and Up to $25 Off Dinner

  1. I am frustrated. I bought this ice cream, because of this advertisement through Red Plum in California. I thought it was a good deal, and a great way to try out this ice cream. I bought 3 boxes, roughly around $15. I came home and tried the ice cream. It was good. But I guess I didn’t get the box with the special code, and I am feeling kind of scammed. That will keep me from trying this ice cream again. Sincerely, disappointed.