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This list was last updated on 1/22/2020

Don’t forget to bring your own bags and a quarter to rent your cart. Even though Aldi’s doesn’t take coupons, you will find some pretty good deals. 



Category  Description  QtySale Price


Baking/Bread/CerealLoven Fresh Mini Pitas 7 oz1$1.99
BeveragesCampbells V8 Juice, 6 pack1$2.98
BeveragesGatorade 8 pack1$4.98
Canned/PackagedLitehouse Buttermilk Salad Dressing 20 oz1$3.99
Canned/PackagedSweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce 28 oz1$2.38
Canned/PackagedOld El Paso Taco Dinner Kits1$2.19
Canned/PackagedBetty Crocker Fruit Roll Ups Variety Pack 5 oz1$1.95
Canned/PackagedBuffalo Wild Wings Fan Fave Sauce 36 oz1$8.89
Canned/PackagedGeneral Mills Bugles 7.5 oz1$1.49
Canned/PackagedNabisco Nutter Butter 16 oz1$3.49
Canned/PackagedTuscan Garden Ranch Dressing and Dip 36 oz1$1.95
Canned/PackagedClancys Queso Blanco Cheese Melt 32 oz1$2.79
Canned/PackagedGeneral Mills Breakfast Pack Cereal 9 oz1$3.49
Canned/PackagedBurmans Hot Sauce Seasonings 3 oz1$1.99
Canned/PackagedClancys Kettlecorn 8 oz1$1.89
Canned/PackagedCheez It 7 oz1$1.95
Canned/PackagedLabriola Pretzel Bites 13 oz1$4.99
FrozenPark Street Deli Chicken Wings Maple BBQ 16 oz1$5.99
FrozenAppetitos Franks in a Blanket1$2.99
FrozenPerdue Chicken Wings, per lb1$1.99
FrozenKirkwood Southern Style Crispy Chicken 29 oz1$5.99
FrozenKirkwood Buffalo Chicken Bites 26 oz1$3.99
FrozenMama Cozzis Garlic Bread Pizza 30-34 oz1$3.99
FrozenTotinos Pepperoni Pizza Rolls 34 oz1$5.29
Household/Paper/PetsHuntington Home Signature Sheet Set, 400 thread count1$39.99
Household/Paper/PetsHuntington Home Bamboo Bed Pillow1$14.99
Household/Paper/PetsHuntington Home Mattress Pad1$29.99
Household/Paper/PetsHuntington Home Crushed Velvet Comforter Set1$29.99
Household/Paper/PetsHuntington Home Signature Sculpted Blanket1$17.99
Household/Paper/PetsEasy Home LED Ultrasonic Humidifier1$16.99
Household/Paper/PetsHuntington Home Scented Wax Melts1$1.69
Household/Paper/PetsHuntington Home Zig Zag Storage Basket1$8.99
Household/Paper/PetsHuntington Home Accent Fragrance Warmer1$4.99
Household/Paper/PetsRoyal Class Mens Pajama Pant1$6.99
Household/Paper/PetsSerra Ladies Premium Underwear, 3 pack1$6.99
Household/Paper/PetsSerra Ladies Ultra Soft Socks, 2 pair1$3.99
Household/Paper/PetsCrofton Pizza Pans1$3.99
Household/Paper/PetsCrofton Self Standing Kitchen Utensils1$3.49
Household/Paper/PetsEasy Home Folding Table, 5 foot1$34.99
Household/Paper/PetsBoulder Football Tableware Assortment1$1.89
Household/Paper/PetsAmbiano Air Fryer, 5.3 qt1$59.99
Household/Paper/PetsFoliage, 10 inch1$12.99
Household/Paper/PetsBoulder Paper Towels, 8 giant rolls1$6.99
Refrigerated/ProduceSteelhead Trout, per lb1$9.99
Refrigerated/ProduceNever Any! Ground Bison, 16 oz1$7.99
Refrigerated/ProducePark Street Deli Avocado Salsa 10 oz1$2.99
Refrigerated/ProduceBuona Italian Beef 4 lb1$15.89

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